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Mississauga Mosque hosts Taste of Ramadan Iftar

By Muneeb Nasir (MISSISSAUGA, ON) – The Anatolia Islamic Centre in Mississauga, Ontario hosted a multi-faith Iftar dinner on May 22, 2019 and local faith leaders joined the congregation to break the fast. This was the third year that the Mississauga mosque hosted the multi-faith gathering themed ‘Taste of Ramadan.’ “I would like to thank you all for joining us today for the third annual ‘Taste of Ramadan Iftar Dinner’,” said Dr. Asim Hoca, Chairman of the Anatolia Islamic Center, in his welcoming remarks. “We are greatly honored by your presence.” “We all share the same land, same life...

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Thunder Bay Muslim Physicians Donate $500,000 to Ibn Sina Simulation Lab

The Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre in the Ontario city of Thunder Bay celebrated the grand opening of the brand new Ibn Sina Simulation Lab on May 15th, funded through the generosity of the Muslim Physicians who donated $500,000 to make this learning space come to life. The Lab is named after Ibn Sina, a Muslim Physician, Astronomist and Philosopher, who was a father of early modern medicine. “Seeking knowledge is deeply rooted in each Muslim. Indeed, the first word revealed in the Quran, and the first command, was ‘Read’. Disseminating knowledge, using it to improve the general...

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Toronto Mosque hosts Interfaith Iftar

The central mosque in Toronto, Masjid Toronto, held its first Ramadan Interfaith Iftar on Wednesday, May 15th and leaders of neighborhood churches and synagogues, as well as other religious leaders, joined the congregation to break the fast. “Ramadan Mubarak everyone! It’s a pleasure to have with us tonight, our neighbors and our friends,” said Imam Dr. Wael Shehab in his welcoming remarks. “Brothers and sisters, in the past few weeks, houses of worship of the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim communities around the world were attacked.” “Now, we realize, more than anytime before, that our enemy is one; those are...

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Toronto Mayor hosts Iftar at City Hall

By Muneeb Nasir (TORONTO) – The City of Toronto commemorated Ramadan on Tuesday, May 7th with an Iftar dinner hosted by Mayor John Tory in the Council Chambers for Muslim leaders, activists and faith leaders. “I want to extend my best wishes to you, Ramadan Mubarak on the occasion of the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan,” said Mayor John Tory in his speech to the gathering. “It is an interfaith event that we are having tonight and I would like to thank those who have joined from churches across the city and who are showcasing their support...

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People could all do with a dose of Ramadan

By Muneeb Nasir Fasting is a big commitment and it is not quite that easy for those who are not initiated into the art of fasting. Ramadan is a month of abrupt changes. For a month, the fasting person takes a break from their usual lives to return to meaning and essentials, breaking with their habits of consumption, and interrupting the rhythms of their daily life. The abrupt changes brought about in Ramadan are an invitation to transformation. At the heart of our consumer world, where we are used to easy access to anything we wish, and where we...

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