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Author: iqradotca

Anti-Islam protesters demonstrate at Toronto Mosque shouting Islamophobic slogans

Muslims attending Friday prayer services at Toronto’s busiest mosque were greeted today by protestors carrying banners and with loudspeakers, shouting Islamophobic slogans and calling for a ban of Islam. The group called Canadians Against Islamization carried banners and signs with Islamophobic messages outside the mosque, Masjid Toronto. The picket was part of an event called Celebrate Islamophobia at Eric Brazau’s “Hate Speech Hearing,” which saw supporters gather earlier today outside the University Avenue courthouse. In February 2014, Brazau was convicted of willfully promoting hatred against Muslims and criminally harassing a Muslim man and his family. People responded quickly on...

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Islamophobia is a threat to us all, Canada’s silent majority must speak up

By Amira Elghawaby, National Council of Canadian Muslims It has been a difficult couple of weeks. Just as we have had to come to grips with the so-called Muslim ban in the United States and all its actual and potential implications, Canadian Muslims have also had to come to terms with the fact that a young man would let hate consume him to the point that he gunned down innocent people at a mosque. The attack at the Centre Culturel Islamique de Québec in Ste. Foy on January 29 is a horrific stain on Canada’s history: never before has...

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Canadian Muslims release ‘Open Letter’ to three levels of government

A coalition of national and Quebec-based Muslim organizations led by the the National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM) released an open letter today at a Parliament Hill news conference urging all three levels of government to take concrete action to counter Islamophobia and all forms of systemic racism and discrimination following the terror attack on the Centre culturel Islamique de Québec. Read Open Letter here. Lisez Lettre ouverte ici. The open letter, endorsed by dozens of Canadian Muslim institutions and organizations across the country, as well as by community allies, says in part: “How do we move on from...

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‘Rings of Peace’ surround Toronto’s Mosques in wake of Quebec shooting

The Jewish community was joined by other faith communities in the Greater Toronto Area to form “rings of peace” around seven Toronto area mosques during the weekly Friday prayers in response to Sunday night’s mass shooting at a Quebec City mosque that took the lives of 6 Muslims and wounded many others. “We will create human chains to demonstrate that Canada must be a country free from bigotry and violence, a safe haven for good people of all faiths and countries of origin,” said Rabbi Yael Splansky of Holy Blossom Temple, Toronto’s oldest synagogue. Rabbi Splansky started the grassroots,...

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Faith Communities to form ‘Rings of Peace’ around Toronto Mosques

ANNOUNCEMENT Toronto’s “Rings of Peace” is a spontaneous, grassroots, faith-based initiative. Rabbi Yael Splansky of Holy Blossom Temple was prompted by a memory of the multi-faith “Ring of Peace” which gathered around a synagogue in Oslo after it was attacked two years ago. In response to the terror attack against Muslims at prayer in Quebec City, seven simultaneous Rings of Peace will gather around seven mosques across the GTA this Friday. We will create human chains to demonstrate that Canada must be a country free from bigotry and violence, a safe haven for good people of all faiths and...

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