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Author: iqradotca

Prime Minister Trudeau joins Project Ramadan build

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited the Muslim Welfare Centre in Scarborough today and took part in the Project Ramadan initiative that assembles food baskets that is distributed to the needy. “Eid Mubarak, everyone. What a pleasure to see the community come together in generosity and support, working hard for our neighbors, working hard for those who are less fortunate,” Prime Minister Trudeau told the Project Ramadan volunteers. “It really is something that is so typically Canadian to be there for our neighbors,” remarked the Prime Minister. “But it is also at the heart of what it means to be...

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World’s Religious Leaders Unite to Issue an Urgent Message to Humanity

The most prominent leaders of the world’s major religions released a joint appeal on June 14 calling on the people of the world to unify and make friends across religions. The statement is intended to reduce social tension around the world by stimulating interpersonal contact between people of different faiths. It was made by Pope Francis, the Grand Mufti of Egypt, Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, H.H. the Dalai Lama, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and many others. Personal contact is believed to counter misperceptions, prejudices and distrust. The appeal was released as a 3-minute video on...

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Public Ramadan Iftar builds bridges of Love and Compassion in Peel Region

Thousands of Peel residents, along with community, political and interfaith leaders joined the Muslim community on Tuesday evening at Mississauga’s Celebration Square for a Ramadan Iftar dinner. The event themed ‘Celebrate Ramadan Iftar: Building Bridges of Love & Compassion” was organized by DawaNet and Paramount Fine Foods. “Our Celebrate Ramadan Iftar is an inspirational gathering to honour Canadian and Muslim values of inclusivity, diversity, and generosity,” said the organizers. “Holding this dinner during the Islamic Holy month of Ramadan signifies coming together as a unified community to exchange greetings and share positive experiences.” The event came on the same...

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Pickering Hindu Temple hosts Ramadan Iftar

The first-ever Ramadan Iftar event that brought Muslims and Hindus together with other ethno-cultural communities at a Hindu temple was held on Sunday evening at Pickering’s Devi Mandir. Pickering is a city located immediately east of the City of Toronto on the north shore of Lake Ontario. “This is a very significant event as it brings together members of the Muslim and Hindu communities as well as other cultural backgrounds,” Ontario Minister of Government and Consumer Services, Hon. Tracy MacCharles, told the gathering. “It is a great display of heritage, tradition and inclusiveness.” Intercultural Dialogue Institute GTA (IDI GTA),...

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Canadian Muslims support food banks nationwide during Ramadan

A eureka moment five years ago for Toronto resident, Ziyaad Mia, has led to a nationwide effort every Ramadan to support local food banks. “I founded Give 30 ( in 2012 on the spark of an idea I had almost 15 years ago,” said Mia. “The ‘eureka’ moment came when I was putting away my coffee cup at work one Ramadan, joking with a colleague that fasting is so great, it saves money.” “Ramadan does save people money because they aren’t eating during the day,” he added. “Since a key part of Ramadan is learning about hunger and having empathy for...

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