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Scarborough Muslim Community Holds Family Day Fundraiser for Scarborough and Rouge Hospital

Scarborough Muslim Community Holds Family Day Fundraiser for Scarborough and Rouge Hospital

By Pervez Nasim

One day I was in Mississauga when a friend approached me and asked me for a donation for Credit Valley Hospital.

My initial reaction was that I live in Scarborough: This hospital is in Mississauga, so why should I donate anything? Then I convinced myself that it was a good cause, so I wrote a cheque and gave whatever I could. I did not think of it any further.

A few months later I was in Mississauga where I felt chest pain. Someone called for an ambulance.

Guess where I ended up? In Credit Valley Hospital. I rested in bed and was grateful that I did not pass up the opportunity to donate, even though it was very far from my house.

Since then I have worked with various companies and organizations to raise funds for various hospitals. The Muslim community has since then raised around $1.5 million for Markham-Stouffville Hospital, over $1 million for William Osler Hospital in Brampton, around $250,000 for Trillium Hospital in Mississauga and, so far, over $50,000 for Rouge Valley Hospital. This includes a direct purchase of four Vital Sign Monitors by the Islamic Institute of Toronto, the Muslim Community of Scarborough, the Islamic Co-operative Housing Corporation Ltd. and also by my family on behalf of our daughter, Muneeba.

Now the Scarborough Muslim Community is organizing a Family Day Walkathon on Monday February 19, 2018 at Scarborough Civic Centre 150 Borough Drive between 10:30 AM and 1:00 PM. The objective is to raise $250,000 for Rouge Valley and Scarborough General Hospital.

We already have $140,000 pledged by various mosques, Islamic Centres, businesses and individuals. Hopefully with everyone’s help and co-operation, we will achieve our goal soon.

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