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Canadian Council of Imams issue advisory to Imams about sermons

Canadian Council of Imams issue advisory to Imams about sermons

The Canadian Council of Imams has issued an advisory to Imams concerning the Friday sermon and the religious services.

“The Canadian Council of Imams (CCI) hereby reminds all congregation leaders and imams, at all facilities of worship, whether permanent or temporary, to uphold the integrity of our faith and responsibility in sermons and supplications,” said the CCI’s statement. “Our sermons (khutbahs) and supplications (duas) are an integral part of the Muslim’s spiritual experience.”

“The message, content and delivery of all sermons and supplications must entail the true nature of Islam, which is a message of peace and respect, as per Islamic guidelines.”

“Sermons and supplications should not be a platform for discriminatory remarks or hate speech, nor for the sharing of political/partisanship views,” added the Imams’ council. “Sermons and supplications should promote respect, tolerance and harmony.”

“All Imams and speakers including guests and teachers, should adhere to this protocol. We advise management boards of Islamic centers to have a written code of conduct for all presenters, speakers and imams to read and sign prior to delivery on stage or podium.”

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  • Adnan Khan

    Discrimination, hate, love and respect are subjective to the audience so I am assuming the implied message is pick and chose from Islam that which goes in line with the values of a secular society. I disagree. Rather the message should be to speak the truth in a manner demanded by Islam; in a rational and thorough way with love and respect.

    Another implied message is, dont speak about the devastation the Ummah is going through at the hand of western policies in Muslim lands, because this will be a political statement. Rather the message should be to pass judgment on the situation of the Ummah based on the fixed moral compass of Islam and again to speak the truth in a manner commanded by Islam.

    I kindly remind the council that nations were rebuked and destroyed by Allah (swt) before us because they chose to mould the message of Islam according to human desires.

    O you who have believed, fear Allah and speak words of appropriate justice. (Quran 33: 70)

    O you who have believed, enter into Islam completely [and perfectly] and do not follow the footsteps of Satan. Indeed, he is to you a clear enemy. (Quran 2:208)