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Author: iqradotca

Tear Down These Walls

BY MUNEEB NASIR It takes specific circumstances to highlight absurdities in the practices of certain Muslim groups. I attended a fund raiser this past weekend that was held to assist the victims in Gaza. The event was organized...

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A Great Loss to the Muslim Art Community

BY TAHA GHAYYUR I write this message with a heavy heart. I can recall his beautiful smile and extraordinary energy in lifting people’s spirits. He was a performing artist of remarkable calibre. He was the leader of the...

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Transition and Transformation

By  Muna Ali, Muslim Presence Living rushed lives juggling demands and deadlines, we are always thinking of the next moment; neither living in the present one, nor reflecting on the one that just passed. Few among us are those...

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The Good Samaritan redux

A little more than 10 ago, just after I’d been diagnosed with cancer, my wife and I moved to a new residence. As word of my disease spread, friends started calling less and less, or not at all. Some would ask if they could...

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