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My Ideal Canadian Mosque

By Afaun Mandol (July 19, 2009) – My ideal Canadian Mosque would be a center of learning and interaction for the community. Back in the time of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be on him, people used to come to learn from and about Islam in his mosque, take advice on personal matters, and to meet others of the same faith and thinking. Today it seems that the majority of people only go to the mosque to pray. Contemporary society is different from the olden days and I think the role of the mosque needs to reflect the higher objective of a learning center. But, we need to be innovative at looking how to accomplish such a learning centre in today’s society. I think we should view the mosque from a services perspective. It would be a true community centre with the prayer hall as the focus, but it would also house professionals dedicated to various services that reflect the needs and concerns of Muslims and non-Muslims in the community – social services, libraries (with more than just Islamic books), book/media stores, lawyers’ offices, tutors, monthly workshops (real world and faith based), full service restaurants, internet cafes (where various groups can hold meetings), ATM’s, etc. The income from these services and businesses would also help with the upkeep of the mosque instead of just depending on donations. Professionalism in all...

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Scouting and the Muslim Community

By Muneeb Nasir (July 18, 2009) – The Scouting Movement has been successful over the last century because of its brilliant Principles, Mission and Practices which have allowed it to appeal to a wide cross-section of people. How is Scouting compatible with the Muslim community? From a religious perspective, a successful life is one in which we develop, maintain and nurture meaningful relationships to God, to our fellow humans and other creations, and to ourselves. The message of Islam calls humanity to have faith in, and a relationship with, the one transcendent God. Our relationship to God is in the meaning of the word Islam itself. Islam can be defined as the continuous effort to submit and surrender to God and thereby achieve peace. When we read the Qur’an it speaks of these relationships and duties – to God, fellow humans, nature and ourselves. As such, the three broad Principles which represent Scouting’s fundamental beliefs – Duty to God, Duty to Others, and Duty to Self – resonate with Muslims, making the Scouting Movement attractive over the last century in the Muslim world. Indeed, throughout the world, Muslim communities have enthusiastically embraced the Scouting Movement. The Mission of Scouting emphasizes the development of the potential of young people to help build a better world and play a constructive role in society. This concept of development of potential is how...

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Muslim History Project to be Unveiled at Olive Tree Foundation’s Event

(July 16, 2009) – The Olive Tree Foundation has announced that Dr. Katherine Bullock will deliver the keynote address at its Annual Appreciation Brunch on Sunday, July 26. The event will be held at the Delta Markham Hotel, 50 East Valhalla Drive, Markham, Ontario, starting at 11 am. Dr. Bullock is the Director of the recently formed policy institute and think tank, the Tessellate Institute, and she will deliver the keynote address on the Institute’s inaugural project, ‘Mosque One: Oral Histories of Toronto’s First Mosque’. ”This project will foster better understanding, relations and even integration between Canadian Muslims and other communities,” said Dr. Katherine Bullock. “There is a need to anchor and document the civic history of Muslims in the Canadian mosaic.” The project is the first in a proposed series that will document Muslims’ narratives as part of the Canadian social fabric. The information will be promoted and made available through a multimedia website that will provide open access to this research. The Olive Tree Foundation, earlier this year, provided a grant to the Tessellate Institute to fund the project. “The Olive Tree Foundation is very pleased to be able fund this inaugural project of the Tessellate Institute,” said Muneeb Nasir, President of the Foundation, in announcing the grant. “Muslims are often depicted in mainstream Canadian media as outsiders and this project will show the early contributions of...

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Together We Can Improve The Image Of Canadian Muslims

By Zijad Delic (July 15, 2009) – The good news is that the image of Muslims and Islam is improving in Canada. But the challenge now is to encourage more effort toward positive change from Canadian Muslims themselves! It is time we made a serious commitment to urgent tasks from within ourselves and from within our communities. Why? Because public perceptions and understandings about us will not change — nor will our collective image — until Canadian Muslims realize that fundamental changes are needed in how we operate and manage our affairs in Canada. Only then can we exert enough influence on perceived realities to permanently reverse the prevailing negative opinions about our culture and faith. The foregoing statement might seem stern and intimidating, but it is in fact supported from the core source of Islamic intellectual tradition – the Qur’an. God Almighty, the Creator of humanity, explained the notion of change for communities and societies in these words: “Truly, God does not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves.” (Qur’an 13:11) Today’s article therefore discusses some urgent actions needed in order for Canadian Muslims to improve current societal perceptions and consequently establish a respectful place in Canada and abroad, despite the turbulent conditions of the world we live in. In short, I will address some ways in which we can start the...

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Writers Expo Slated for MuslimFest

(July 14, 2009) – MuslimFest has announced that this year’s festival will include a Writers Expo. MuslimFest, the largest Canadian Muslim summer festival, will open Saturday, August 1, at the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga, Ontario and will showcase Islamic art, music, film and culture. “For the first time in Canada you will witness Muslim writers from various genres and media at one place,” MuslimFest announced on its website. “Through this pioneering expo we will celebrate the art of writing, as well as, the writers in the Muslim community in North America.” The Writers Expo, is being held on Saturday, August 1, 2009, from 12:00 pm to 7:00 pm. The list of authors, journalists, free-lance writers, and bloggers who are expected to attend include Abdul Aziz Khan, Ashmead Ali, Asna / Gauher Chaudhry, Ayub A. Hamid, Bayan Khatib, Farheen Khan, Habeeb Alli, Hamid Slimi, Heba Alshareef, Huda Khattab, Jasmine Zine, Katherine Bullock, Muneeb Nasir, Nabeel Akbar, Nasiruddin Al-Khattab, Rukhsana Khan, Saleem Bidroui, and Wahida Chishti Valiante. This year’s festival will include a comedy show, The Muslim Funnymentalists, featuring ‘An African American Actor, a Confused Arab, a Jewish Rabbi, an Iranian Video Blogger, and 2 crazy South Asians,’ according to the show’s website. Further information on the 2-day event can be found at the MuslimFest website...

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