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Making time matter

By Jeewan Chanicka (September 9, 2009) – Our job, while important, is not supposed to be the focus of our lives. It is easy to think that we work long hours to help our families. But when we get so tired that we hardly spend quality time building our personal relationships with Allah, with our family members and we get too tired to actually engage in community work – what then? What are we teaching our children about our priorities in life – which is more important – is it God, people or work? Understandably, some cases are different – some of us need to work long hours because without each hour’s wage we may not be able to put food on the table. But for others who don’t, we’ve allowed work to consume our lives. Sometimes, we happily reflect on memories of the “good old days” when we were younger and more involved, were closer with our brothers and sisters but lament that, now, the “daily formalities of life” have taken over. So we are either too tired to spend time building our relationships with Allah or our families and community or we do the bare minimum to appease our guilty consciences. We forget that we must take advantage of our good health and life while we have it. To put it bluntly – for those of us...

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Ordinary People Can Do Extraordinary Things

(September 7, 2009) – Circumstances often inspire ordinary people to do extraordinary things. Shah Nawaz Husain was disturbed by all the negative things being said about Muslims and the religion of Islam in the post 9/11 world. The retired Brampton engineer decided he was going to do something to change how his religion was being portrayed. “Our detractors were defining us as evil, malicious and violent people,” Husain says. “I wanted to show what Islam really was, through compassionate deeds.” So Husain set about starting the MuslimServ charity with the goal of feeding the poor in Canada by asking Muslims to direct some of their charitable giving to his agency. Formed in 2004, MuslimServ asks Muslims to direct a portion of their religiously mandated yearly donations to the charity. Husain then uses the donated money, the majority of which comes through the internet, to purchase meat products which he, in turn, delivers to food banks. The two major campaigns of MuslimServ take place during the Muslim month of fasting, Ramadan, when Muslims generally give their yearly charity (zakat) and, two months later during the Eid Al Adha (Feast of the Sacrifice) when donations are given to perform an animal sacrifice to commemorate the Abrahamic legacy. The Greater Toronto Area is the main focus for the charity where, once again this Ramadan, donations are being used to purchase chicken every...

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“Barack” Al-Mutawa

By Naif Al-Mutawa (September 6, 2009) – On New Year’s Day I was blessed with the birth of my fifth son. I called my parents to tell them the good news that Rakan Al-Mutawa had been born. But my father told me he had another name picked out for his newest grandson. My heart stopped. Rakan was the name my wife and I had chosen. Ten years ago, I asked my father to name my firstborn. He gave me two choices, Turki or Hamad. I went with the latter in fear that anyone who did the math would figure out that my firstborn had been conceived in late November. My father would have been happy with either of his suggestions so I wisely saved Hamad from the fate of being known as the world’s first reusable Thanksgiving “Turki”. My father didn’t offer an opinion on naming my next three boys. And after the near miss of the Turki suggestion, I didn’t ask. But now came the message that he wanted to name my fifth-born only two weeks after his own father, Abdullah, had passed away at the age of 97. How could I say no if he asked me to name him after my grandfather? And how could I present the change to my wife only days after a difficult labour and delivery? My stomach churned as I awaited...

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3rd Islamic History Month Canada Set For October

(September 4, 2009) – The 3rd Islamic History Month Canada (IHMC) has been announced with this year’s theme being on Islamic Finance and economic theory. IHMC, which was launched in 2007, includes a series of events and activities across Canada such as exhibitions, lectures, book fairs, films on art and architecture and other complementary presentations Wahida Valiante, Chair of IHMC and national president of the Canadian Islamic Congress, is proud of the achievements of IHMC and that the Parliament of Canada and a number of cities and organizations have officially recognized October as Islamic History Month. “In 2007, the Canadian Parliament officially declared October as Islamic History Month,” Valiante said. “During that inaugural year, and later in 2008 and 2009, several Canadian cities also proclaimed October as Islamic History Month in their civic jurisdictions — including Victoria BC, Toronto ON, Kingston ON, Ottawa ON, Calgary AB, Burnaby BC, Port Coquitlam BC, Surrey, BC and Vancouver, BC,” she added. This year’s theme focuses on Islamic finance and economic theory, and how a different philosophy of creating, managing and distributing wealth could heal, or even prevent, major global recessions. The guest speaker for this month’s activities will be Dr. Toby Birch, Managing Director of Birch Assets Ltd. in Guernsey UK. Birch’s company seeks to manage money based on ethical Islamic principles and to provide sustainable investment to both Muslims and non-Muslims...

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How am I?

Poem by Habeeb Alli In this another month of Ramadan Working between hours while catching up sleep Praying that the fast lasts until the adhan in slumber Summer makes it feel harder But images of millions thirsty And The Fire with fury Keeps my days going by without a thunder Taraweeh in the masjid is such a miracle All competing for the finale While appeals for donations goes unheard Except the trickle of generosity and that is well regarded Iftars and dinners still a pleasure Where diverse cuisine compete for our hunger And speeches by redundant thoughts fail to satiate the younger But where is the spirit in all this madness: for God’s answer? Maybe it’s the unreasonableness of love Where the lover and beloved awaits their encounter While sacrificing everything to make it matter So at end of today it’s meeting Him and not eating that makes me happier! Ramadan should not be a month of curtailed desire It should be a month of keeping promises So everyday becomes Allah’s desire And when we meet Him, we can say I kept fast only for Your...

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