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Author: iqradotca

Lively Discussion in Toronto on Canadian Muslim Identity

An engaging and lively panel discussion took place in Toronto on Wednesday, May 2 on the challenges faced by Canadian Muslims related to identity formation and social integration. “There are internal pressures as well as external pressures that try to define who Muslims are,” said Imam Yusuf Badat of the Islamic Foundation of Toronto. “People on the outside of the Muslim community are trying to tell us who a Canadian is and who a Muslim is.” “The reality is that we are not defined by what the media thinks who we should be or what anyone thinks we should...

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The Somali Youth Research Initiative is a response to a call for action from Somali-Canadian families and communities in Ontario who are continuing to lose their young men at an alarming rate to gun violence and homicide. The first phase of the initiative, summarized in this report, has been to identify the nature and scope of the crisis by detailing the problem so future work can tailor better solutions. Other phases will include building awareness of the issues in Somali- Canadian Ontario communities, developing action partnerships and strategizing solutions to end the violence. The researchers used a mixed methods...

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Toronto Strong Vigil

The City of Toronto will host the #TorontoStrong Vigil this Sunday evening at Mel Lastman Square. Members of the public are encouraged to attend and support all those who have been affected by Monday’s tragedy in Toronto. This City-hosted vigil, organized in collaboration with community groups Faith in the City and the Toronto Area Interfaith Council, will be an interfaith demonstration of Toronto’s diverse communities as well as a display of the city’s resiliency. More info:...

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Inaugural Lecture in Contemporary Islamic Thought Launched in Toronto

American Muslim scholar, Dr Umar Faruq Abd-Allah delivered the inaugural lecture of the Mohamed Mansour Lectureship in Contemporary Islamic Thought on Monday, April 16 at Toronto’s Emmanuel College. Despite the inclement weather and challenging road conditions, the Vic Chapel at Victoria College was filled with people from across the city who came out to listen to Dr. Abd-Allah deliver his lecture on ‘Islam and the Cultural Imperative.’ “Welcome to this special evening and we would like to thank Mohamed Mansour for My Way Canada Business Development’s donation in support of the Mohamed Mansour Lectureship in Contemporary Islamic Studies,” said...

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