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Author: iqradotca

Toronto celebrates Ramadan

A first of its kind celebration themed, Fast in the 6, took place at Toronto’s City Hall on Friday evening, June 9, as thousands of Torontonians came out to celebrate Ramadan. Coinciding with Ramadan, the event celebrated the diversity of Toronto through the common experience of breaking of the Ramadan fast. Fast in the 6 and its message, “Diversity – Unity – Prosperity“, was led by Toronto philanthropists, Dany and Lisa Assaf. “Fast in the 6 aims to affirm the city of Toronto’s leadership as a major global centre of both social and economic opportunity,” said Dany Assaf. The...

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RCMP hosts Ramadan Friendship Iftar Dinner in Toronto

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and Inter-cultural Dialogue Institute (IDI) hosted an inaugural RCMP/IDI Intercultural Ramadan Friendship Dinner at the Canadian Forces College in Toronto on Sunday June 4, 2017. “What an incredible opportunity for us to interact with so many from the diverse communities we support,” said Superintendent Lise Crouch, Assistant Criminal Operations Officer for National Security. “It is events such as this one that continues to remove barriers for our police officers.” “The police are members of so many communities and contribute both on and off duty,” noted Superintendent Crouch. “This friendship dinner highlights the strength...

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Benefit Iftar held for Toronto’s Princess Margaret Hospital

The Faith of Life Network raised $35,000 for Toronto’s Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation at its Annual Benefit Iftar held at the hospital on Thursday, June 1. The Faith of Life Network has pledged to raise $250,000 for the Princess Margaret Cancer Research Centre and it has already fulfilled $100,000 of this pledge. “Last night we raised approximately $35,000 at our Annual Benefit Iftar which will go towards the remaining balance of $150,000,” Dr. Hamid Slimi, President of Faith of Life Network told “There will be a follow-up event, a golf tournament and dinner, to be held on August...

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Is anyone out there?

By Muneeb Nasir I have not been eating and drinking during the daylight hours this past week  – not to punish myself unnecessarily – but, because in my religion, Islam, fasting in the month of Ramadan has been prescribed by God as one of the fundamental pillars of the faith so that I can achieve greater awareness of God. My fasting is for the purpose of getting closer to God, to purify my soul and to improve my behavior. In contrast, the involuntary fast of the poor is not their choice or their wish – circumstances have led them...

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GTA Mosques aim for a waste-free Ramadan

Toronto Muslims are looking to reduce waste this Ramadan by replacing disposable water bottles with reusable ones in the mosques. “I couldn’t help but notice that Mosques become trashed with disposable plastic waste – particularly during Ramadan,” Tariq Syed, a founder of the #WasteFreeRamadan campaign, told “After fasting the full day, it’s understandable Muslims want to keep hydrated between prayers, but there are so many problems with using disposable bottles.” “Disposable bottles are rarely recycled and are often left at Mosques for staff to clean up.” TorontoMuslims launched the campaign in mosques across the Greater Toronto Area this...

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