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Author: iqradotca

Scarborough Muslims raise $150K for Hospital

The Scarborough Muslim Community announced at a Family Day Walkathon today that it has raised $150,000 for the Scarborough and Rouge Hospital. “AMAZING!!!! $150,000 has been raised to transform health care in Scarborough at @SRHHospital,” said the Scarborough and Rouge Hospital Foundation in a tweet. “We cannot thank the Scarborough Muslim Community enough for their generosity organizing the Family Day Walkathon.” “Many thanks to the Scarborough Muslim Community and their event organizers for your efforts in organizing today’s Family Day Walkathon. We couldn’t do it without you!” The organizing group of the campaign – The Scarborough Muslim Community, Friends...

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Historic Number of Toronto Faith Leaders Sign Statement to Fight Homelessness

HISTORIC NUMBER OF CLERGY AND FAITH ASSOCIATIONS SIGN THE INTERFAITH COALITION TO FIGHT HOMELESSNESS’S STATEMENT OF SUPPORT FOR COUNCILLOR CRESSY’S NEW SHELTER In a press conference at City Hall, on Thursday, February 15, 2018, a historic number of clergy, and faith associations signed The Interfaith Coalition to Fight Homelessness’s statement of support for Councillor Joe Cressy’s new shelter at 348 Davenport Rd. The 23 signatories are the largest number of clergy and religious institutions to ever support a shelter in Toronto. They include: 15 places of worship in Ward 20, 2 Anglican Bishops with jurisdiction in the Ward, and...

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Scarborough Muslim Community Holds Family Day Fundraiser for Scarborough and Rouge Hospital

By Pervez Nasim One day I was in Mississauga when a friend approached me and asked me for a donation for Credit Valley Hospital. My initial reaction was that I live in Scarborough: This hospital is in Mississauga, so why should I donate anything? Then I convinced myself that it was a good cause, so I wrote a cheque and gave whatever I could. I did not think of it any further. A few months later I was in Mississauga where I felt chest pain. Someone called for an ambulance. Guess where I ended up? In Credit Valley Hospital. I rested in bed and...

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Abrahamic Dialogue Series brings together Toronto Faith Communities

An Abrahamic Dialogue series was launched in Toronto on Thursday evening with the aim of bringing faith communities together to share experiences and learn from each other. The first event in the 3-part series titled ‘Hospitality in the Face of Adversity’ was held at Regis College at the University of Toronto. “The purpose of these events is to present the audience with the opportunity to learn about how each faith has created programs and organizations that address key social issues of our time,” said Barbara Boraks, Executive Director of the Christian Jewish Dialogue of Toronto. “We will share experiences...

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