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Muslim business leaders create $1M fund for veteran families

Muslim business leaders create $1M fund for veteran families

Mohamad Fakih, CEO of Paramount Fine Foods and Kashif Khan, CEO of The K. Khan Group make $100K donation to True Patriot Love Foundation

(November 10, 2014) – Today, two prominent Muslim Canadian business leaders launched a $1M fund at a downtown Toronto mosque to support veteran families in partnership with the charity, True Patriot Love Foundation.

“There has been a gap between immigrant communities and mainstream Canadian causes,” said Mohamad Fakih, CEO of Paramount Fine Foods. “With the launch of the Salaam-TPL Fund, we plan to raise awareness and participation among these immigrant communities, starting with the Muslim community, on a national level to bridge this gap.”


Mohamad Fakih, CEO of Paramount Fine Foods, speaking about the Salaam-TPL Fund to help veteran families

Co-founders Mohamad Fakih, CEO of Paramount Fine Foods and Kashif Khan, CEO of The K. Khan Group launched the Salaam-TPL Fund with a $100,000 donation and challenged others in the Muslim community to help reach the goal of raising $1M.

The Salaam-TPL Fund was created in the wake of the tragic events that shook the nation last month.

The funds raised will support the needs of veterans and military families.

“Mohamad and I recognized the need for a catalyst to engage our community,” said Kashif Khan, CEO of The K. Khan Group. “We challenge fellow Muslims across Canada to show their support for Canadian military families, who dedicate their lives to the service of our country, by giving to this fund in the months ahead.”

True Patriot Love Foundation (TPL) is a national charity that honours the sacrifices of members of the Canadian Armed Forces, veterans and their families in both times of peace and conflict.

“TPL is extremely proud to have the opportunity to partner with Paramount Fine Foods and The K. Khan Group,” said Michael Burns, Co-Founder and Vice Chair of the True Patriot Love Foundation. “This demonstrates that all Canadians can and will rally together to show their support for our military families.”

TPL funds programs and innovative research in the areas of mental health, physical rehabilitation, family support and veteran transition.

Since 2009, True Patriot Love has raised more than $18-million to support military charities across Canada.

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  • Selin

    WWI was fought against the Muslims, the result of which saw the end of Muslim unity and security under the banner of Khilafah and led to their drawing of arbitrary borders to keep us divided, in constant unrest and wars, and leadership under oppressive, tyrannical puppet rulers put in charge by the winners of the war. Not to mention the Belfour Declaration which was signed as a result of the war promising our Palestine to the Jews, a promise they delivered on in due time to the dismay and helplessness of our pathetic ummah.

    These news truly saddened me. I wish we would be more mindful of our history and show at least a little bit of pride and dignity.

  • Tamer

    thanks, what a wonderful thing. this is the true spirit of Islam and the right action to do. May Allah reward you all.

  • leona

    This act appears wonderful.

  • Judith Dowla

    It was very exciting tonight to read about the Muslim group in Canada contributing to the Patriot Fund. Thank you very much!