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Canadian Imams condemn attacks on Coptic Church in Egypt

The Canadian Council of Imams has issued a statement condemning the recent bombings of a Coptic Church in Alexandria, Egypt, on the eve of the festive season.

“We, the members of religious leadership of Canadian Muslims, strongly condemn these terrorist and cowardly acts, resulting in loss of many innocent lives and injuring hundreds of others. We join the international community in grieving this tragedy and strongly protest against the mistreatment of minorities anywhere in the world including in the Muslim countries,” the statement reads.

The Imams have extended condolences and sympathy to the Canadian Coptic community.

“We would like to extend our sincere condolences to the Canadian Coptic community members and assure them that the Canadian Muslims stand by their side in these difficult times.” 

“It is a big shame and an intolerable madness to attack people in the middle of their highest season of worship,” said Imam Dr. Hamid Slimi, the Chairman of the Council,

“The attackers do not represent any religion or faith but only a blind hate for anyone who is different from them. They want to create fear and instability in the country,” Slimi added.

The statement urges the Egyptian and global Islamic leadership to promote tolerance and respect for Christians and to educate and remind the masses about ‘our relationship through our humanity and Abrahamic ties.’

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  • Mir

    no doubt killing an innocent is like killing whole of humanity but my dear elders at the same time why dont you speak about Palestine kids who’s being opressed on daily wages ? is it you you guys are only interested for political gains or any secret deals which you get by only commenting on certain section of injustice?

  • Fauzia

    Mir: You did not really need to combine two very different things. There has never been a lack of Muslim imams, Christian pastors and Jewish Rabbis condemnation of killing in Palestine. As these henious act has been committed in a Muslim majority country, most probably by people who call themselves Muslim, it becomes even more important for Muslims to condemn it publicly.